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Drum accessories for WELDING WIRES and CABLES


Our range of ACCESSORIES for welding wire drums includes:

  • INTERNAL TENSIONING SYSTEMS to keep the wire in position during transport operations and to control the wire during unwinding.
  • HOODS to be fixed to the top of the drum for conveying the wire to the extraction sheath
  • SHEATS for the transport of the wire from the drum to the welding torch

All accessories are available for drums with diameter mm 500, 510, 570, 650 e 750.

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Ecological FTS drum


The FTS (Totally Separable shaft), while being composed of the same materials and maintaining the mechanical characteristics of a standard kraftliner drum, can be separated and disposed of with simple manual operations.
In the drum there are no metallic elements mechanically fixed to the body of the drum, and with simple operations it is possible to completely separate all the materials, in order to facilitate the operations of disposal of packaging waste after emptying the drum.

Thanks to its wide range of sizes (diameter from 305 to 750 mm – height on customer’s request – capacity from 20 to 500 litres), the FTS drum optimises the process and the logistic costs of handling and storage.

The drum can be perfectly integrated in automated filling, emptying and palletizing processes and can be safely handled with special tilters.

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Welding wire drum


The fibre drum (in either the KRAFTLINER or FTS version) is the most natural and ergonomic solution for welding wires, cables and stitching machine wires.

The possibility of packing up to one ton of wire into the drum guarantees a continuous and stable extraction and welding process, with considerable financial advantages.

The drum can be safely handled and stacked thanks to its remarkable resistance and the application of metal handles or CE-certified lifting belts.

Imbalkraft is also able to provide a wide range of accessories for the tensioning and the extraction of wire

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scarica pdf prdotti imbalkraftDownload data sheet

scarica pdf prdotti imbalkraftDownload table of capacities