The kraft paper drum is an environmentally friendly industrial packaging mainly composed of paper, wood and steel.

Paper and wood come from sources involved in the responsible management of forest heritage (forest management), these materials are an inexhaustible source of resources: for each plant used, a new plant is planted to ensure regeneration, rather than depletion, of the resource. Newly planted young trees have a much higher growth rate and capacity to absorb CO2 than older trees, therefore, the cutting down of trees and the subsequent re-planting of new ones has a beneficial impact on the environment.

During the final phase of disposal, steel, another material present in the drum, is brought back to the initial supply chain and reused as raw material.


The kraftliner of the drum is paper obtained by chemically shredding the lignin, in order to leave the long fibres intact. This creates a very resistant paper that is suitable for food contact and, above all, can be used over again numerous times as waste paper for new types of paper.

The kraft paper production processes, as well as that for the drums, takes place at room temperature and, therefore, requires much less energy for the melting of glass, metal and plastic.

Since its origin, the kraft fibre drum shows an excellent balance in terms of CO2 emissions, when compared to alternative materials.


The current and progressive transition from the concept of linear economy to that of circular economy enhances the kraft fibre drum as an ideal industrial packaging for the future of the planet and the economic system.

In addition to reducing the resources used for its production in terms of weight and energy consumption, the paper drum perfectly matches the principles of reuse, recycling, recovery of matter and energy at the end of its life cycle.

Imbalkraft is actively involved in the development phase of the products to pursue eco-design goals, prevention and reduction of the number of materials and waste, as well as the use of natural and renewable resources.