The STANDARD KRAFTLINER drum is the economic and versatile solution, ideal for optimizing logistic processes and costs. The high resistance to radial compression and to the static and dynamic load make it ideal for the protection of products during handling and storage operations.


The STANDARD or FTS drum can be supplied with a special internal or external liner of paper. The liner with aluminium, silicone or PE guarantees maximum protection of the content against external agents such as moisture, especially during long-range shipments with temperature changes or in a saline environment.


The UN Approved drum has been designed and tested to ADR (by land), RID (by rail), ADN (by waterways), IMDG (by sea) and OACI (by air) requirements for the transport of hazardous substances for group I, II and III (solids) packaging for class X, Y and Z hazardous products.


The FTS drum (Completely Separable Drum) does not have metal elements mechanically fixed to the body of the drum. With simple manual operations it is possible to completely separate all the drum’s materials, to facilitate the operations of separation and disposal of packaging wastes after the emptying operations.


The STANDARD or FTS drum is the most natural and ergonomic solution for welding wires, cables and threads for stitching machines. The wide range of accessories allows to integrate it into automated packing, extraction and welding processes, ensuring continuity and stability in the extraction and welding process, with significant economic benefits.


The Intermediate Fibre Bulk Container is the ecological alternative to the classic plastic IBC with a capacity up to 500 litres. Safe handling is guaranteed by a pallet or lifting belt. The inner bag with circular bottom avoids contamination and simplifies emptying operations through a valve with tap or discharge mouth.


Kraftliner paper tubes are obtained with parallel windings until the required thickness is reached, depending on the requested strength. They are used as cores for winding coils, films, cables and wires, or as external protection for products of various industries.


Our range of drum accessories includes linear or circular PE bags, skins and sleeves for greater product protection, cable ties for closing bags and seals for the closure band.


Our range of accessories for wires and cables includes internal tensioning systems for the wire, hoods and sheaths for extraction and integration with the end user’s welding system.